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AIDS RIDE 2014, Washington DC, United States to Melbourne, Australia


Dear Comrades,

Problem: 2011 UNAIDS Reports, number of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) are 34.2 million and 8 million PLWHA received Anti Retro Virals (ARV), 330 000 children who acquired HIV infection, 2.5 million people acquired HIV infection, 1.7 million died of AIDS related illness!

Welcome back to the battle field! Please join now and stop AIDS to make the world AIDS FREE Generation!!! Lets aim for ZERO new HIV infections, ZERO discrimination, and ZERO AIDS Related deaths, together we shall STOP AIDS!!!

Join us and unite with efforts of BCARE's AIDS Ride 2014, speak out in solidarity with People Living with AIDS and affected by mobilizing social, economic & political resouses, epowering agents of change with strategic information and supporting the leadership for sustainable development that are integral part of global health. Pledge to contribute any resourses and spread our event news globally!

GIVE donations to BCARE USA INC, an opportunity for you to save a person contracting from the deadly Human Immuno Virus (HIV) infection that cost less than 1USD! You can make lasting impact in everyone's life because HIV/AIDS is everyone's business! Your generous donations go to our official cause on facebook, Bapuji Center for AIDS Research & Education, (BCARE USA INC). The money we raise shall be used for our program services like HIV Counseling Centers, HIV/AIDS Awareness and Educational programs, etc including global bicycle rides like AIDS RIDE 2014.

Bapuji Center for AIDS Research & Education, B'Care is a grassroots registered (BIC 117 of 2003), non-profit, charitable NGO from India since 2003 with status as an extra-provincial registered non profit organization in Canada since 2006 (NEQ: 1164063951) & has non-profit, 501c3 charitable organization in USA, recognized by the IRS. Our mission is to prevent further transmission of HIV in the global community.

For more information please contact: [email protected]

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