Pesticide Poisoning Legal Case Appeal Funding
(Making Disability Visible and Authoritative!)

Hi all:

My new "indiegogo" PESTICIDE POISONING Campaign is LIVE. I have created this Campaign because my son and I were poisoned when authorities did not listen to my 8 health warnings and carelessly forced two pesticide treatments on us while living in public housing. However, I lost my legal case (I was accused of purposely poisoning myself and my son!)! And white becomes black...

This is an extremely important Campaign for a number of reasons:

1. It addresses human health issues.
2. It addresses chemical exposure and Duty of Care issues.
3. It looks at Human Rights and Disability Discrimination issues.
4. It opens up an examination of HOW legal systems evaluate chemical exposure and poisoning cases.

Please investigate my Campaign -- which includes a study I did on mold and neurological symptoms -- spread this critical message throughout Facebook and beyond, and consider donating to it. Please see: http://www.indiegogo.com/poisoned-people or http://igg.me/p/188887?a=941124.