Protect Appalachia's Water from Mountaintop Removal Mining!

Unbridled mining? I guess that means that the developers don't mind limitless negative environmental and human health impacts. I guess they can't see or appreciate cause and effect. And, since EVERYTHING is connected, I guess that means they can't see that…Read More

Steubenville rape case investigated by higher court

Petition: Ban Fracking Now

CSG is an unmitigated and catastrophic environmental & human health disaster of unqualified proportions and deadly potential. This is one of the worst attacks on human genetic viability in this or any…Read More

Award Sandy Hook Hero Victoria Soto the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Pressure StumbleUpon to end discrimination against LGBTQ communities

Fascism, especially that which is religiously fueled, can only end in disaster. We need to THINK about our THINKING, not just think and react...

What The Hell Are We Doing?

This image shows the cruel and toxic technological world we are immersing our precious children in; what we are immersing OURSELVES in ( What are we thinking? ARE we thinking? What the hell are we doing to this world?


WORLDWIDE DISEASE PANDEMICS All indications are that our impositions upon Nature are leading us into a period of cascading global pandemics. See: UPDATE #1 New Essays: 1.…Read More
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