Petition to balance the budget

49 states require a balanced budget and they almost always do it with out raising taxes. Why can't we require the federal government to do the same. Sign the petition to help force congress to balance the…Read More

End Government Funding of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood announced on Friday they would spend 3 million dollars to defeat Republicans in swing states. This after spending 2 million all ready Republicans in Congress have ended federal funding of Planned Parenthood. But Obama has been giving Title…Read More

Help end government funding of liberal causes

It looks like we have a very good chance of taking back the senate. If so we are in a good position to end millions of dollars every year that goes to liberal groups. Even if not then we can still work together to end it. As our membership grows we will let…Read More

Limit the effectiveness of their advertising.

Every time you see a liberal ad on a search engine, Facebook or other networking site or on a web page click on it. This will limit both their funds and the effectiveness of their campaign.


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