Stop it before it kills!!!

Ovarian cancer is on a high rate of death today. I lost my grandmother & maybe you have lost someone close to you to ovarian cancer. Another name for this is called "The Silent Killer". Most of the time it spreads to 70 to 75% of the other body parts like the lower abdomen before it is even detected. It is known that 90% of women who are diagnosed in Stage 1 come to their doctors with symptoms before diagnosis, and also that far too many cases of ovarian cancer take months to diagnose, almost half took more than three months, and 11% took longer than a year. So it seems logical to assume that some substantial percentage of women do have early symptoms.The list below contains a number of possible symptoms of ovarian cancer. But these symptoms can also result from a wide variety of non-cancerous conditions. If a woman has trouble zipping up her jeans, she's more likely to blame middle-aged spread than ovarian cancer. Thankfully, a gas pain isn't ordinarily a dire signal. Still, if a woman suddenly starts experiencing any of the symptoms below, and they persist for more than a 2-3 weeks, she should get those symptoms checked out.
Although abdominal swelling/bloating is the most often-mentioned first symptom, some studies show that even this is true only for a minority of ovarian cancer cases. Because each symptom will affect only some women, it is vital that women educate themselves about the whole constellation of symptoms associated with ovarian cancer.
Please make sure that you get a yearly check up to make sure that you are not one of these victims.

1. To help fight & hopefully find a cure.