Pastor Behnam Irani At Home On Two Week Temporary Release.

We have heard that Pastor Behnam Irani has been granted temporary release from prison for 15 days and is currently at home with his family for the first time in four years. We understand that the Iranian authorities have released him into the care of his…Read More

Pastor Behnam's Father Has Died

Our contact reports that Pastor Behnam's father recently died in Iran. Please pray for Behnam who is feeling very sad because he has not been able to be with his family or his father over the past four years.

Recant Your Faith And Be Released...

We understand that the Iranian authorities have offered to release Pastor Behnam if he would sign a document stating that he would discontinue his ministry. He has refused to sign this paper and so will remain in prison until his release date in 2017.…Read More

Health Issue For The Irani Family

Please continue to pray for Behnam who still remains in prison and who is currently coping with some un-specified health issues. Please also continue to pray for his family, especially for his son who has been diagnosed with asthma and for his wife,…Read More

Appeal Successful!

In September the Iranian Revolutionary Court added a further six years to Pastor Behnam's sentence which meant he would still have eight years to serve in jail with a move to a new prison near the Afghan and Pakistan border, nearly a two day journey from his…Read More

New Capital Crime Charge Raised Against Pastor Behnam Irani.

Accordingy to Release contacts we understand that Pastor Behnam Irani is now facing new charges. Pastor Behnam has been accused of ‘spreading corruption on earth’, which is an Islamic sharia charge which can be used against individuals who continue to…Read More

Keep Praying

Recent reports indicate that Pastor Behnam, serving a six-year jail sentence in Karaj Ghezal Hesar prison in Iran, was assaulted during the early hours of June 7 and then removed from his cell to an unknown location. Pastor Behnam has been treated harshly and…Read More
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