Buckle Up for Life: Watch this video to learn how to install a child car seat

Research shows that three out of four child car seats are not installed properly.* Toyota believes that everyone deserves to be safe. Which is why, in 2004, we partnered with Cincinnati Children's to create Buckle Up for Life, a safety education program to…Read More

Help her out please..

this is a diff cause and i have signed the patition already so i need your help to keep these men in jail and not on the streets Please sign the petition at: http://www.petitionforpaula.org/ We want these kinds of people kept off the streets. hope fully we…Read More


We are trying to get in Mother Against Drunk Driving into the list of beneficiary. Right now we can not add any one from Canada. It is a problem we are trying to work on so that we can start raising money.


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