Please Sign The Petition To Get Namibia To Stop Seal Clubbing

Please go to: and sign his petition, and forward this to all the animal lovers you know. You can also send an e-mail to the Prime Minister, Nahas Angula [email protected] and urge him to end the…Read More

Cape Fur Seals in 'Good-Hands', But Whose Hands ?

Dear All Cape Fur Seal Supporters, Cape Fur Seals in 'Good-Hands', But Whose Hands ? BB, Derrick, Tom, JM, JT,Lucky, Robbie and Tom (pls see pictures posted below) The Babies - Many people ask how I can tell the seals part from each other, I tell them its…Read More

Now France knows what Namibia is doing to our seals

Dear All Cape Fur Seal Supporters, Seal-Man, Cape fur Seals, One-Man Seal Navy Seal Alert-SA welcomes our many new French supporters, viva la France. To translate this page in French, copy and paste to/Pour traduire cette page en français, la copie et la…Read More

Seal Alert releases Seal Man Cam #4

Please watch all four of these short clips, taken by Francois Hugo of Seal Alert SA, who says: " The concept behind this series to be released weekly, will take you into the world of Cape fur seals, as never before seen or experienced" "I believe that all the…Read More
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