Update on January 19, 2013

Lobo M1133, was released last week not far from the "widowed" alpha female Bluestem AF1042. She and her pups live in Arizona. It is the onset of breeding season and due to the proximity, it is hoped the two will find each other.

The new wolf was "hard released" — simply brought to the site and released into the wild. Arizona Game and Fish is tracking him by radio collar, but so far he is not traveled toward the Bluestem female. Instead he has crossed into New Mexico.

The number of Mexican wolves hovers between 50-60 wild animals. Many more live in captivity, held for possible release. The two greatest problems are that the captive wolves have, with a few exceptions, never lived in the wild, and the entire program is based on the last 7 wolves captured just before the sub-species went extinct in the wild. So there is little genetic diversity.

We can only hope that this will be a success for the sake of this fragile population of wolves....

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