We've Raised $6,510 for Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary!

Many thanks to all of you. We're approaching our goal of $10,000. Our current contest has raised $235 since August 26, 2013.

$150 donation: The first 10 people will receive:

1. A pendant containing the very rare wolf shed fur of Ambassador Zoerro Timber Wolf . The shed fur is contained in a clear, round ball and has a 16" long sterling silver chain on a card with Zoerro's photo. Please note that we do not shear the fur. It drops off during shedding season.
Zoerro is a famous wolf. His body of work so far is:

a. Official Trailer for COSMOS

b. Nat Geo Wild with Casey Anderson:

c. Longmire, Season 2 trailer, "Trouble's Always Coming" Coming

d. Commercial for University of New Mexico

e. Fashion Shoot for Odyn Vovk Clothing

2. A Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary magnet, which measures 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 " inches.

3. A year's subscription to our newsletter, "The Howling "Reporter."
You can visit Zoerro at or at, under Meet Our Rescues, and Meet Our Ambassadors. He has posted lots of videos and photos with his handler, Rory Zoerb.

$200 donation: The first 10 people will receive

Personalized copy of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary's Executive Director, Leyton J. Cougar's (Wolf Daddy) popular book, "AWolf and His Man." It is an incredible story about Leyton's life-changing relationship with Ambassador Wolf Raven.

You will be notified you are a winner on, asked for your mailing address and what you would like Leyton to write in your book, and the prizes will be sent in September, 2013.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary thanks all of you for your continued support to help rescue the coyotes, build their new habitat as well as improve the existing habitats for our furry friends. And, we just found out we'll be rescuing a recently born coyote!

Again, a howling thank you!

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