Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary continues to grow and rescue all kinds of canids from dingoes to coyotes and of course wolves and wolf dogs. Please visit their website to see all of the wonderful improvements they have been able to make with your help! Best…Read More

Please Help Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary's Wild Rescues

It is Possible to Tap into the Power of the Universe

2,853 supporters have taken the pledge to send positive energy to the universe by asking for a donor to send Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary a check for $100,000. This can happen when people direct their power of focused concentration to something they really…Read More

We've Raised $6,510 for Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary!

Many thanks to all of you. We're approaching our goal of $10,000. Our current contest has raised $235 since August 26, 2013. $150 donation: The first 10 people will receive: 1. A pendant containing the very rare wolf shed fur of Ambassador Zoerro…Read More

Stop Cruel Animal Traps in America by 2020!

This is a petition from another cause leader, who I believe has addressed our same concerns about wolf trapping. Won't you please read, sign and share the petition? Thank you as always for your continued support. Carole Altendorf, Cause…Read More

Wisconsin Senator Proposes to Ban Wolf Hounding !

Please help ban the use of hounding in killing wolves.

Stop The Slaughter Of Wolves in Michigan Before It Starts!

Let's please try to make a difference in Michigan to ask the agencies and government to look really hard at why the 700 remaining wolves in Michigan should be subjected to being killed. As always, thank you for your support. Carole Altendorf …Read More
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