2014 was definitely a bad year ..... we couldn't stop can we ?

Asalamu aluakom dear members, I hope u'r all in good circumstances Like most of you , I don't get any new about Myanmar in the media , I'm still chocked how no one talk about those filthy Buddhists , and how no one cared about those poor people killed…Read More

Burma news

share share plz

they are still killing the muslims but u can't see that on CNN , FOX tv , or even AlJazeera , !!!! but u can do it !

AssalamuAlukom hey everybody sign now the petition plz

thank you all !

After making a cause abt the killing of muslims in Burma i found out that only a friend of mine who accepted the cause the others just liked my post which not gonna change a thing or make more ppl know abt these slaughters , but Alhamdolilah i saw a lot of…Read More
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