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Do you trust your local state and federal lawmakers?

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Dauphin County is home to Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania State Capital. It is the only county that every state legislator, every Pennsylvanian member of the U.S. Congress, every state government department head regularly steps foot. Dauphin County is a case study of the best and worst in government. It is home to the powerful lobbying firms. It is where a Philadelphia company can gain influence by spending money on a Pittsburgh Election. To paraphrase an old saying “many honestly come to Dauphin County to do good and end up doing very well.” The Dauphin County watch is a non-partisan effort sponsored by Rock the Capital’s Dauphin County Watch will put before the public the conflicting issues, the self serving actions and inefficiency of the Dauphin County government. We will show the interconnectedness between Dauphin County and State politics and influence. We will put names to the people not normally in the spotlight in and out of government so you the citizens can understand “business as usual” and how it is not always for your benefit. This coverage is important not just for the citizens of Dauphin County and our great state. This unfortunately is how government behaves to often in our country. We are reaching out to all of you in and out of Pennsylvania to start holding our officials accountable. We are not saying that these people are evil in and of themselves but our continued apathy is allowing the evil of self-interest to take precedence over the good required by us the many, the taxpayer, the citizen.


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