No Trial!!!!

Great news!  The defense has taken a plea deal and there will be no trial for Jeff's murder and Mary's attack. While we certainly had nothing to worry about as far as guilt was concerned, it's wonderful news that both families will not have to go through the…Read More

A New Year, a New Video!

Happy New Year everyone! With the trial right around the corner and my mom's recovery an ongoing process, I want to thank my good friend, George Zwierzynski, for taking time out of his busy schedule to put together a new video to share. I hope you can take a…Read More

Mary is heading home!!!

Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of contact throughout October but I'm very excited to announce that Mary will be heading back to Sioux City this weekend! Her new home will be the Northern Hills Retirement Community in Morningside. This will not be…Read More

September Update

Hello everyone! My mom has been making some great progress at On with Life and I thought it was a good time to let people know where she's at and where we're going... She's walking much better but because of the injuries, her right leg still takes…Read More

The Recovery Fund hits YouTube!!!

Thanks to the Lindblades for putting this video together. It's a lovely tribute to who my mom is and the hard work so many people put into the fundraiser this summer. PLEASE, share this video with everyone you know!!!! - Jerry

Raffle Winners / Update

Congratulations to the winners of the raffle!!!! iPad2 - Jeff Van Otterloo, Sgt. Bluff Grill - Melissa Ohden, Sioux City TV - Pearla Alarcon Flory, Sioux City Thanks to everyone who participated and to all those at Iowa DHS who organized it! In other news:…Read More


Hello everyone, Last week, my mother went through what we expect to be her last surgery. While this procedure has left her swollen and fatigued, I am happy to report she is back in rehabilitation and recovering nicely. Prior to this surgery, she was making…Read More
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