To ban the use of puppy mills.

Recently Oprah Winfrey did a show exposing the horror of puppy mills and over population of dogs in America. Most people don't understand or even know what puppy mills are so I will do my best to explain. These dogs are kept in cages their WHOLE LIFE! Not just a cage to themselves either... they share them with many other dogs resulting in a horrible urine and feces filled environment. Some dogs that do get saved are unable to walk on solid ground because all they have been stepping on their whole lives is wire. The most harsh treatment has been for the mothers who are used for breeding EVERY heat cycle. And can you guess what happens to them when they can't produce pups anymore? Their either shot or thrown out. And the worst part of this is that this is LEGAL! So here's what we can do to help. We can first start by spaying and neutering our dogs which will help to cut down the over grown population and decrease the destruction of perfectly good dogs. Secondly, we can refuse to buy our dogs from pet stores(99% of which buy from puppy mills) and stop getting our dogs from breeders. If you must buy from a breeder, go meet and talk with them and see the conditions your new dog has been exposed to. So, my purpose in making this group is to join the effort in making people aware of this harsh treatment of puppies and dogs. And i hope that this OPENS OUR EYES to make a difference and stand up for the mistreatment of dogs everywhere.

1. Puppy Mills should not be allowed.

2. Free spaying and neatuering of dogs.

3. Raise money to create no kill shelters.