An aerospace engineer, professor, and first Chancellor of the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Thiruvananthapuram (IIST). Served as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007.


Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Respected Sir,
The constitution of India may make you lose if you contest presidential election. Media story says you will contest only if you are secured of victory. They may be right as you have an image of successful president and most loved one by the people of our country.

Yet Sir, Victory or defeat is a matter of numbers. But the bigger victory lies in standing for a cause. May we humbly list you the causes for which you should contest in the presidential election?

1. You are the only person who has taught the youth of the country how to work for the country. It is your duty to see that they continue to do the same.

2. The nation needs you for your scholastics abilities displayed at the highest level. India stands protected from foreign forces just because of you. It is your duty to see that the same continues.

3. Had our country had a system, where citizens elects president, it would have been you and only you.

4. Corruption in rampant across all political parties. The ongoing drama for the president’s seat is nothing short of threatening (CBI cases) and horse trading. It is your duty to come forward and put an end to the menace.

5. Huge amount of black money are stacked in foreign banks. It is your duty to bring that back to India.

6. B R Ambedkar had made the constitution of India some 60 years back. It is your duty to tell the people of India this needs a change with change in time. India needs a very strong man and an honest man at the top most post of the country.

7. The economy is in doldrums. We have now come to the verge of taking IMF loans. (God forbid, this is likely to be true in next two years). It is your duty to see that such things do not take place.

8. Politicians have now come to levels of dividing the country on state to state basis (Bengali, Bihari etc etc). It is your duty to show there that there is only one India and only one nation.

9. The planning commission has stated that a BPL line. No one knows how they come to such numbers. It is your duty to erase any line called BPL.

10. The IIP numbers are a dismal month after month. A common man is hardly worried about it. Yet in the long run they suffer. They are unaware of the reason of their suffering. It is your duty to see that such suffering does not take place.


We have short listed just ten points on why we believe you should run for presidency candidate. You ask for conscience vote from the nation’s representatives. They will not ditch you, for every man has a heart of child in his own heart. Even then if the other side gets more numbers, you will be remembered as a son of India who fought for true freedom of his countrymen.