Words are powerful medicine. Powerful enough to Rehome 'Our Mustangs'.

Wild Horse Rescue Center currently has 30 horses in need of homes. That takes a lot of work and funds. I am doing what I can as a starving artist. 50% of proceeds from sales of two of my books, 'Black Purse' and 'Oginalii is Cherokee for My Friend Like Horse…Read More

It's in our hearts to be part of the legend. We love 'Our Mustangs'. Let's share the love.

Wild Horse Rescue Center is proactive in rehoming 'Our Mustangs'. Read about their wonderful work. http://www.wildhorserescuecenter.org/about-us/overview/ It takes more than elbow grease and gumption to save 'Our Mustangs'. We have to raise awareness and…Read More
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