It is a shame that so many animals are euthanized every day in shelters across this state but it is practically sinful that so many are still killed in gas chambers. There is no excuse for continuing to use this barbaric and inefficient method any more. Gas chambers cause a slow and painful death and many times some of the dogs or cats inside are not even dead when the process is finished. Imagine the suffering these animals endure while enclosed in this chamber of death while others around them slowly suffocate and die. GAS CHAMBERS MUST BE BANNED ENTIRELY IN INDIANA IMMEDIATELY. Lethal injection is the only humane method to end the life of an animal and even that is traumatizing for many of these doomed animals. If the state is not capable of finding a solution to the exploding populations of unwanted animals then it at least has an obligation to mandate that these homeless dogs and cats are euthanized in the most humane way possible. Make your objection to this disgusting and distasteful procedure known to our Governor and state legislators by signing this petition and asking all of your family and friends to do so as well. BAN GAS CHAMBER EUTHANASIA ONCE AND FOR ALL!!