Child sexploitation. Fight it. Stop it. End it. Now.

The Redlight Children Campaign is a global effort to end child sexploitation. The Campaign's objective is to reduce the demand for all forms of child sexploitation.

Its scope is shocking. There is not a single community in the world this issue does not affect. According to UNICEF, over two million children are involved; they are kidnapped and sold into prostitution and sexual slavery every year. Victims of sexual predators can be younger than one year old.

The Redlight Children Campaign is spearheaded by Priority Films’ highly acclaimed three film project. Percentage of the proceeds from these films go to The Redlight Children Campaign. “Holly”, a narrative film based on real stories starring Ron Livingston, Chris Penn, Virginie Ledoyen and Udo Kier, will be released in selected theatres nationwide on Nov. 9th

Today, throughout the world, a pedophile can purchase the services of a child prostitute for as little as $5 or take them for an evening for $20. Can you match that sum and help end this horror?

Already, hundreds of children have been saved and pimps and traffickers are in jail.

It is your problem. It is our problem. This cause is a very small step towards educating people like you and enabling active opposition. And the next step is action.

...What can you do?

1. Invite 10 of your friends and co-workers to join the cause each day. It is 1 minute of your time but each person who joins and contributes has an exponential effect on our cause.on of $5 will save children from this epedemic.

2. A suggested donation of $5 will save children from this epidemic

3. Buy tickets to “Holly” in selected cities and a percentage of your ticket is a donation to the campaign - www.priorityfilms.com

4. Visit www.redlightchildren.org to stay involved and visit www.priorityfilms.com to know about the films