My dog Tony's story..., Over the past six months Tony, a friendly healthy-minded canine half pit bull and half Sharpei, who was raised as more of a family member than a pet, has been in the pound because he was accused of killing the small pet of his neighbor. The neighbor, also the accuser and new to the area, claims to have seen Tony brutally attack and kill her small dog. Her single eye witness testimony is the only supposed evidence against him. In addition to these claims she has also conveniently filed for financial restitution from Tony's owners for the loss of her pet. Although Tony just so happened to be off his leash briefly this day he has never had a history of violence. He had no blood on him the day of the attack or any other. Tony was raised in a home where he is loved and cared for immensely just like he were the child of his owners; he also reciprocates that love to his family and all others around him. This includes not only adult family members but the children of family friends, other dogs, and cats--animals particularly known to provoke docile and violent dogs alike. This dog is not aggressive with animals or human beings whatsoever. So how is it that Tony could be taken away from his home and the people who love him without any solid proof that he did anything vicious whatsoever aside one person's word against him? It is common knowledge in Arizona that small pets are often times killed by wildlife such as coyotes, hawks, and owls. This especially applies to areas that are rural such as the area Tony and his family live. Is it likely the accusers dog was killed by local wildlife? Most definitely. Yet, despite the lack of hard evidence against him or an evaluation from a certified animal behaviorist, Tony was ordered by Judge Nabor of Greenlee County, Arizona to be euthanized on Monday, February 27, 2012. UPDATE : We stopped the euthanasia, with the help of many friends, and by the help of a very special lady named Dorothy we were able to get a new lawyer, but the Judge denied our request for the appeal we made on March 15th, and has again sentenced Tony to be put to sleep on June 18th. We are not going to give up and we will continue to fight for Tony!! Please join us in our fight. Also there is an open group on Facebook called We Love Tony!, please join and add your friends. Thanks