You make the difference!

Dear YEPP! Action Team, Thank you for supporting YEPP! I feel so inspired right now knowing that my purpose in life is aligning with what we are doing through YEPP! We have raised $530 online so far plus $100 is coming from the high school for a total of…Read More

Contribute Now!

There are 3 days left in our Capital Campaign on Indiegogo for YEPP! Please go to ASAP if you have not already done so to view the video and contribute to the campaign! This is an urgent contact to you for your support with funds, ideas,…Read More

UPP! is the international partner of YEPP!

The United People for Peace (UPP!) is the international partner of YEPP! dedicated to World Peace. Thank you UPP! for your support and dedication!

YEPP! Action Team Update - 6-2-2012

Dear members of the YEPP! Capital Campaign Urgent Action Team! We've got less than 4 days left in our fundraiser! Please commit to inviting & bringing 5 people onto the team. Please watch the video if you have not yet. Please donate (even $10) makes a…Read More

Youth Empowerment!

There are 5 days left in our Capital Campaign for YEPP! See the new video & contribute big today to YEPP! for youth empowerment!

YEPP! $10,000 Indiegogo Campaign completes on June 6, 2012!

According to Los Angeles Unified School District, as many as 40% of African American & Latino students in Los Angeles drop out of high school. Still, do we have the power to make a difference? YEPP! The 3rd Semi-Annual YEPP! College Ready Academy High…Read More
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