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Public Support for Gun Control

"Because 50% of the firearms found in crime scenes can be traced back to their owners according to some estimates, making traceable is an important feature of the new system. Under the of old system, we didn't have any way of knowing what firearms there might have been with the exception of restricted weapons."

Chief Cal Johnston, Regina Police Service and President of Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police, Star Phoenix, June 17, 2000
"We will continue to defend this legislation because we are convinced that a national licensing and registration system with continuous eligibility checks and more detailed and accessible data will facilitate police work while enhancing public safety."

Brian Ford, Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police Chief and Secretary Treasurer, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Toronto Star, July 26, 1999
"Registering handguns in Canada over the past 60 years has clearly paid off. The United States serves as a constant reminder of what happens when a government fails to make that investment."

Arn Snyder, Canadian Criminal Justice Association, Ottawa Citizen, July 31, 1999
"“The inquest into the death of my daughter’s killer in 1991 specifically recommended licensing and registration of all firearms. Since then, 5 other public inquests have confirmed these recommendations. We simply need to know who has guns to keep them away from those who pose a risk to public safety. Those who oppose the legislation on the basis that it’s too expensive or too “inconvenient” for gun owners have no idea what guns can do to victims and their families."

Priscilla de Villiers, President, CAVEAT, Press Release, March 21, 2001
“The families of the victims of the tragedy that occurred at l’Ecole Polytechnique are satisfied with the Firearms Act and have fought, since its implementation, to defend it thoroughly. The fight has led us to the Supreme Court of Canada which confirmed last year the constitutionality of the law by a unanimous decision. This represents a great victory for us. The fact is that the law contains measures that are necessary for the effective protection of the population against the dangers and risks associated with firearms in general.In particular, this piece of legislation ensures that individuals who pose a risk to public security are denied access to firearms. The misuse of firearms represents a serious danger for all of us.”

Therese Daviault, Vice-President, December 6 Foundation against Violence, Le Devoir, July 13, 2001
“The purpose of the new law is to establish a balance between individual and collective rights. In fact, we believe that the questionnaire could be even more comprehensive. One-third of all homicides in the country implicate family ties and the use of firearms, especially when the perpetrators are given access to firearms”.

Penny Blain, Director, BC Institute Against Family Violence, Voir Quebec, October 4, 2001.
"Knowing that guns are in the home and the ability for policing services across the country to issue prohibition orders and to have FAC's refused and licences revoked from men who are known to be abusers has certainly proven to be a safety factor for women across the country."

Arlene Chapman, Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters, Canada AM, November 22, 2000
“The Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) has emphasised for more than 10 years that research clearly shows a direct relationship between access to firearms and gun death. CPHA believes the legislation contributes to reducing the rates of accidental death and injury, suicide, violent crime and domestic homicide in Canada. Since 1989, over 10,000 Canadians have lost their lives to guns. Gun death is a major public health problem and many of those deaths are preventable. Among industrialised countries, Canada has the fifth highest rate of children (0-14) killed with guns. Firearm suicide is also the third leading cause of death among the 15-24 age group. I firmly believe the new law will enhance the public health and safety of Canadians by...

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