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The Extradition and the Federal Election in Canada

Hello supporters of Marc, Michelle and Greg!

As Canadians know, there is an election on this Tuesday, October 14th. The current government is a minority, with the Conservative Party (and Conservative leader Stephen Harper) in charge.

If the Conservatives win a MAJORITY government on October 14th, it will become much more likely that Marc, Greg and Michelle will be extradited to the USA and spend years -- or life -- in American prison!

PLEASE get out and vote on October 14th!

Consider it your DUTY, your patriotic obligation to our country of Canada.

There are a lot of groups and organizations working to help Canadians vote against the Conservatives. Some people advocate strategic voting, which means voting for the non-Conservative candidate in your riding in order to defeat the Conservative candidate who might win (if there is a Conservative candidate incumbent -- or current Member of Parliament -- in your riding).

Please ensure you get out and vote. Did you know that 80% of old people vote, and 80% of young people DON'T vote? Imagine if all you young people actually went and voted! We could ensure Canada protects and represents ALL Canadians, not just elderly anti-freedom Conservative supporters!


Visit for information about your riding and your candidates!

Check out these campaigns to stop Stephen Harper and the Conservatives!
• Anti-Harper Vote Swap Canada:

See this article by Marc Emery, where he recommends who to vote for to get rid of the Conservatives:

Please prevent the evil, George-Bush-loving Conservative Party from winning a majority government. If they become all-powerful, you can be sure that Canada will turn into an American Drug War nation, and every marijuana grower and user you know will be arrested and imprisoned under mandatory minimum sentences.

PLEASE do your part -- the results of this election WILL have an impact on what happens to Marc, Michelle and Greg.... Don't let them get sent away to a foreign country and jailed for life!


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