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Dear Supporters of STOP SEX TRAFFICKING: 1. Our homepage is updated! Check out: 2. The Jennifer Franet Memorial Membership Drive and Education Outreach is working. We now have 261 people in our Facebook cause, STOP SEX TRAFFICKING.…Read More

Jennifer Franet Memorial Membership Drive

Dear Friends of STOP SEX TRAFFICKING: In 2008, our cause had 125 people join. This year, 2009, I would like 1000 people to join. So I am starting a membership drive in honor of Jennifer Franet. Jennifer Franet was my best friend. We met when we were 12…Read More

Report on Prostitution and Trafficking in the U.S.

Dear Friends of "Stop Sex Trafficking": Check out: Stephanie Wieland of Rahab International has put together an updated report on prostitution and trafficking in the U.S..…Read More

Freedom from slavery

Dear Friends of the "Stop Sex Trafficking" Cause: You are invited to read two new posts at "Mercy's Story" tells how Mercy Senahe was freed from the trokosi system of sexual slavery in Ghana, West Africa. "May/June 2008 Update"…Read More
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