El/La Para TransLatinas was created to provide HIV health education and risk reduction services to transgender (MTF) Latinas in San Francisco.

El/La works to build collective vision and actions that promote the survival and improved quality of life for transgender Latinas in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We do this work by providing opportunities for Translatinas to participate in community building and advocacy development activities, by supporting members of our families and communities in our daily and political struggles, by educating ourselves about the risks to our health and safety, and by responding to those who would threaten our health or our lives.

We fight for justice in a world that sees Translatinas as shameful, disposable, or less than human. We are here to reflect the style and grace of our survival, and to make new paths for ourselves.

1. Translatinas should not have to be the objects of society's violence, rejection or ridicule simply because we're fabulous.


3. Queremos que nos dejen de marginar y excluir de la sociedad.