Prosecute Police that kill persons in police custody and those who cover up crimes of police

Resolusi menuntut supaya polis yang melakukan jenayah membunuh, jenayah menyembunyikan bukti, jenayah cuba 'menutup kebenaran' dalan kes kematian dalam tahanan saperti kes Syed Mohd Azlan Bin Syed Mohamed didakwa di Mahkamah untuk kesalahan jenayah mereka…Read More

Malaysia should join the global trend & move towards abolition of death penalty...

What is wonderful is that there is growing global trend towards the abolition of the death penalty, and the UN General Assembly resolution over the last few years have seen more and more countries in favour of abolition, and less and less countries voting…Read More

Public inquiry for all police 'shoot to kill' incidents where people get killed/injured

Another police 'shoot-to-kill' incident....and this time a young Malaysian is the victim... The law does not authorize the police to kill persons....remember that the police only has the power to arrests suspects, and in effecting these arrests, the police…Read More

Malaysia should abide by UN Resolution on death penalty

Malaysia should abide by UN Resolution on death penalty - another 2 Thai nationals sentenced to DEATH On 18/12/2007 (Tuesday), The U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution calling for a moratorium on the death penalty.The resolution, which calls for "a…Read More


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