Influence the pricing of gasoline by refusing to purchase fuel from environmentally insensitve fuel suppliers.

Gasoline prices per gallon are hitting record highs across the United States, while ExxonMobil is pocketing record profits. Meanwhile, ExxonMobil has stated that they have no immediate plans to explore alternate sources of sustainable energy. In short, they're willing to mortgage the future of our environment for the sake of banking excessive profit right now.

Our primary goal is to reduce the price of gasoline by refusing to purchase fuel from ExxonMobil. We will opt to purchase fuel from other suppliers who at the very least are slightly concerned about the environment. If enough purchasers of ExxonMobil gasoline start purchasing their fuel elsewhere, perhaps this will cause ExxonMobil — the largest fuel company in the country — to rethink their strategy. Opportunistic profits at the expense of the American public and the environment is not acceptable.

Our secondary goal is to encourage fuel companies who invest in the exploration of alternate energy sources like ethanol. Even if ExxonMobil continues on their course of fixing fuel prices across the country, let's ensure other companies are rewarded for their efforts.

1. Stop purchasing gasoline from ExxonMobil immediately

2. Purchase fuel from environmentally sensitive companies.

3. Consider purchasing a vehicle that consumes less fuel.