We, as a society, must clarify the heart of the "Abortion Debate" by first clarifying the verbage involved.

The verbage used in the average debate over Roe v Wade (that being "Pro-Choice" versus "Pro-Life") implies that those of us who are in favor of upholding Roe v Wade are also in favor of killing unborn babies. This, obviously, is not true, and does not accurately represent the range of underlying moral issues that Pro-Choice supporters may hold; one's political beliefs should be allowed to uphold the American values of freedom and choice without deeming such believers to be unethical or immoral.

This phrasing only furthers the closed mindedness on both sides of the argument, making "Pro-Life"rs argue the righteous moral aspects and depart from the sheer politic of the debate. (One side is arguing politics while the other side is caught up in religion)

This argument should be about our government and our supposed freedoms as are outlined by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, not about an intermingling of religious and theological issues. And by all means, lets abolish the term "pro-life" from this discussion so we eliminate the "pro-death" fallacy!

1. Separate religion and politics; stop arguing apples and oranges.

2. Pro-Choice and Anti-Choice supporters should embody a political belief, not a purely religious one.

3. We should eliminate the phrase "Pro-Life" from the argument, so as to eliminate the misconception that those who are pro-choice are also pro-death.