All living things matter...we sing, dance, and represent....

We honor all life, we sing dance and represent...time to stop killing and destroying animals, tree's, natural medicines, the earth, water and air, time to protect and nurture. Help us protect the planet, stop the destruction, donate, let me speak...stop…Read More

Please get this bear out of captivity, help! Reaching out to ask my friends to help this bear to be released from captivity, and transferred to Canada. Its a horrible thing, to capture wildlife that…Read More

Let me speak...stop racism

Please help us for a public forum on "let me speak..stop racism"

Our Body a Medicine Wheel, Mother Earth a Medicine Wheel,

We need our tree's and wildlife. All living things have purpose.

Indigenous Teachings about letting permitting regrowth

When I was a little girl, the buttercup field was my happiness. my solace, my personal place. I seen them sprout out of the ground, reminding me of regrowth, renewal, a new beginning. My life had meaning. I was a child of the earth and the buttercup field was…Read More

sign, support and care...for the wolf,

Lets stop Sport Hunting in North America - the wolf is now an endangered species. Please care about all living things..time to stop the madness of sport.

All Living things are Inter-connected in harmony

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