Please get this bear out of captivity, help! Reaching out to ask my friends to help this bear to be released from captivity, and transferred to Canada. Its a horrible thing, to capture wildlife that…Read More

Let me speak...stop racism

Please help us for a public forum on "let me speak..stop racism"

Our Body a Medicine Wheel, Mother Earth a Medicine Wheel,

We need our tree's and wildlife. All living things have purpose.

Indigenous Teachings about letting permitting regrowth

When I was a little girl, the buttercup field was my happiness. my solace, my personal place. I seen them sprout out of the ground, reminding me of regrowth, renewal, a new beginning. My life had meaning. I was a child of the earth and the buttercup field was…Read More

sign, support and care...for the wolf,

Lets stop Sport Hunting in North America - the wolf is now an endangered species. Please care about all living things..time to stop the madness of sport.

All Living things are Inter-connected in harmony

Respect - all living things....

Respect all living things on the planet We live in harmony with all things that fly, the beasts, and creeping crawlies All living things are inter-connected We must work together to save Mother Earth Animals have a Spirit - like Humans
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