How do you know Maude and her kids?

Hey guys, I know that a bunch of you from Oak Hill church visited Maude's orphanage in person, and have great stories to tell. What can you share about the kids, their situation, and the outlook for the future?

Maude Recently Visited her Orphanage

Maude just came back from visiting her orphanage last week. For photos of the trip, see this link here! She is currently seeking donations for Christmas boxes, to be sent this January.

Taste of Nations Fund Raiser

Here is a video update on the orphanage and a taste of nations fundraiser that was held at Oak Hill, to raise money for Maude's orphanage.

Get the Word Out

Hey guys, Help me get the word out about Maude Severe's orphanage! Every person you make aware of her work will help as she seeks outside aid, to give the kids she loves so much a future. UPDATE #1 Currently, Maude is collecting the following school supplies…Read More
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