During the Olympics we(www.wamy.co.uk) will be giving lot of free material about Islam and try to build bridges of peace and harmony with other faith communities. To print the material, it's costing a lot of money and we need your urgent help.

With your support we can pass the message to as many people as we can and remove the stereotype about Islam and Muslims Insha’Allah, we have volunteers but we are lack funds please do donate. You can donate by direct debit Insha’Allah Name: WAMY Bank: Barclays Account Number: 20142808 Sort Code: 20-10-53

Let’s be of those who Allah(SWT) describes as "... he who brings the Truth and he who confirms (and supports) it — such are the men who do right. They shall have all that they wish for, with their Rabb (Only Cherisher and Sustainer). Such is the reward of those who do good: so that Allâh will forgive from them (even) the worst in their deeds and give them their reward according to the best of what they have done.” (Surah Az-Zumar : Ayah 33)

Also we(WAMYUK) needs more than 300 volunteers to distribute FREE information about Islam as well as help at various Islamic exhibitions which will be held throughout London during the Olympics.
If you are interested, please call us on:
T: 020 7636 7010
M: 07588 569 217 .
Or email us :E: [email protected]

Youtube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eBWdcyy8hQ

Youtube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvWudBpD2zc&feature=relmfu

Please pass this message to your friends. Thanks