YA is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of establishing high quality, faith-based private education for students from families living in poverty in Houston's inner city.

Yellowstone Academy is opening doors to the world of opportunity for children in Houston's inner city.

YA exists to promote human flourishing among Houston's poorest families. The school was established based on the premise that, through education and intensive intervention, children living in poverty can transcend their circumstances and grow up to become responsible, productive adults. Poverty is more a function of circumstances than race or ethnicity, and the circumstances that perpetuate poverty include illiteracy, illegitimacy and dependency. These and other factors define the intergenerational cycle of poverty, and children born into such circumstances deserve the chance to break that cycle.

Yellowstone Academy is a faith based, comprehensive approach to addressing the multi-dimensional challenges of poverty in the lives of children and their families from the platform of a high quality private pre-school through eighth grade educational institution. The school exclusively serves children from low-income families with a program designed to provide them the educational, spiritual, social and practical resources they need to succeed in life.