Some points to Remember

Thanks to those still campaigning with us! Some "ammo" if you will to remember when you write letters/answer questions: We know the current law does not allow posthumous knighthoods as there are only a certain number to give out biannually and only a certain…Read More

Newest Correspondence

Not much doing here lately with this but still pushing g ahead. Sorry for the lack of news lately. Here is my newest letter to get attention and move things along. Short and sweet but I think you'll like it! "Hey Buckingham Palace, hear you're going…Read More

Keep the embers burning!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to remind everyone that while things are slow we are still here and still working toward persuading parliament to update their antiquated knighthood laws and grant knighthoods to those that are so very deserving, like Robin Gibb,…Read More

still here!

My sincere apologies to all of you that I have not been on here as regularly lately, personal commitments are eating g up most of my time right now. News is slow right now though Jill continues to do axing things! Rest assured, however, I am still fighting…Read More

Making News Again!!!

Another Lovely pic from Jill

Just one of the many nice comments on the signatures Jill Francis has collected

A Lovley Update From Jill Francis

Got a Lovley update from instrumental and dear friend of the cause Jill Francis, whom has done soooo much phenomenal work in the UK on behalf of Robin Gibb. Cartloads of thanks Jill! "Over a thousand signatures collected in Green Park today. Amazing support…Read More
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