Organizing for Healthcare Justice in California: Campaign for a Healthy California’s 3rd Annual Summer Conference

California OneCare is a member of Campaign for a Healthy California, a coalition of organizations committed to winning single-payer healthcare in the Golden State. Join our annual summer conference to learn how you can help build a statewide grassroots…Read More

Hospital bills nursery care for child who died shortly after birth

"A grieving mother whose newborn died in her arms was charged almost $900 for her daughter's hospital care, despite the fact that she was only alive for a few seconds after birth. Melissa Sherman had her baby, Kaylee Marie, in November 7 last year but at 23…Read More

A Comparison of Experiences Between Uninsured and Privately Insured Adults Aged 55 to 64 with Seniors on Medicare

This is one of the sad facts in our current health care system that would be addressed by a single payer system and it's one of the reasons I continue to put my efforts into this worthy struggle. You can read the analysis at "This analysis looks at the…Read More
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