This woman does not do her job! She needs to be removed from this position asap!!

She let's animals run free all over town but harasses people who takes care of theirs because the ones she harrasses have nice looking/pure breed dogs. (money makers)

She harassed me so much she was actually caught looking in my windows by the neighbors!! she accussed my neighbor of calling her on me which is a LIE!!! but then she harassed my neighbors and family until I finally got so sick of dealing with her and her lies and harrassment i placed ads on facebook to find them good homes. EVERYONE told me She wanted them because they were pure breeds and that was not about to happen to them!! She stood there infront of my neighbors (who are my witnesses) and said that she will continueously be at my house, so I placed them in good homes that send me pictures and updates so i can still see them. Its so sad though because They were not mistreated nor were they neglected and ALL my neighbors can voutch for that! In fact my neighbors would make sure they had water while i was gone and the gentleman would get them out and play with them and his wife would call me and just laugh and say, "my hubby just loves them he acts like a kid again". They were also attached to them and his wife even cried when i let them go to new homes and said, "its crap that she blames me for calling her on you because i sure did not then you get rid of them over her harrassing you when there was no excuse for it she's a liar and i dont like her at all"... She had no reason to continuously harass me. NONE!!! :( It was to the point after getting a call from another neighbor that She was looking in my windows and catching her at my house AGAIN, we exchanged words this time!! Its VERY clear she don't like me..not that i care i just dont want to deal with a person like her she's a liar and a thief and i didnt want her on my property looking in my windows and harrassing. She had no right!!! Our 3 kids were so sad it broke my heart and i regretted getting rid of them and I felt like I let this thieving crook win! it broke my kids and my heart to see them go.....and our family wasn't complete anymore and i feel the kids need a pet to grow up with.....

So my husband and i found the kids a pair of boxers that are fully trained and they are very well behaved, fixed, utd on shots, we got very lucky and were so so happy :) :) but then Yesterday She went from neighbor to neighbor asking, about our boxers and my neighbor called me and said , "hey girl heads up the dog catcher is looking for your boxers".. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Our boxers are very well taken care of, they are inside in the air, they eat expensive food, they are never left outside or to run loose, my husband or i are always there with them taking them out on a leash and I am sick of her harassing me! I need your help to keep her from harrassing my neighbors or taking our dogs from our children! The minute our 10 yr old heard me telling his dad the dog catcher is asking the neighbors about tyson and Layla our boy flipped out and said , SHE'S NOT GETTING MY DOGS MOM AND WE ARE NOT GETTING RID OF THEM EITHER!!!

She simply don't like me due to the fact she ripped my friend AND I MADE IT KNOWN !!!

Ill just refer to my friend as "C" . she ripped C off for $250 for a dog she sold C that was suppose to be a young Yorkie but when taken to the vet, the dog was not young. I went with C and We took the dog back and my friend C asked for her money back and She said, she could have a pup out of her next liter. SHOCK SHOCK Surprisingly the next liter "supposedly" all died!! So.... C said, just give me my money so I can go get my god daughter another puppy. And she fully well knew she had not given a receipt for this dog (C trusted her so didnt ask for a reciept she was just happy to get her god daughter a puppy) but said, where's your receipt? she refused to give my friend her money back nor did C ever get a pup. This is fact I was there as witness..


She is known to take dogs and lie saying she don't have it. I posted an ad looking for our sons boxer and the girl in Laps of Love on facebook posted back to me, " check the dog pound the dog catcher will tell you she dont have it that's what she did to us and we went out there and found our dog" another posted, " i hope you find him before the dog catcher does and resells him"..one man said, "ill look for him for ya so that the bitchcatcher dont get him Nobody likes her "!!!

She forced one lady to sign over her yorkie mix and this lady didn't know that legally she could not do that! But she did. There was no reasoning, the dog was taken care of and healthy. She took advantage of this poor girl that didn't know any better.

Another lady had her pitbull taken because she couldn't find her shot records and by the time she found them She had put the dog down because it was a "viscious dog".....It was a puppy not even a year old. he had not bit anyone nor acted like he would he was not mean in any way..She simply put it down because it was a pitbull.

She needs to be stopped!! Help us get rid of her!! I know PLENTY of people who would gladly take the job and would be great at it!!!! so please help us before she takes more dogs, puts more dogs to sleep & lets neglected dogs remain neglected.

Thank you all so much!