Most people donate to other countries, yet genocide continues in Canada!

​To wear and dance jingle dress, is to be proud with humility and carrying one's self with respect; the jingle dress is part of the spiritual self and healing; to dance is honoring our ancestors, our lands, our health and wellness of our nation; Please…Read More

Your donations matter - our culture is not recognized by Canada!

Your donations are needed and appreciated to revive memorials how they should be - instead of how they are today. Many of the original families live in deep poverty, under policies of Canada. This is a longhouse, where we host memorials, Indian Dances, and…Read More

Christmas Campaign for Native Children & Mothers,

Please care, donate to one child this year! Your support matters.

Forced sterilization of native women.... Your support and donations needed to complete our research. Forced sterilization is a topic without news media attention. We want to bring it forward for educating the world on native women being sterilized…Read More

World Pulse: Native Women Rising

Native peoples deal with change; as the Government is cutting back much needed funding.

This inquiry is geared toward making government people rich, has nothing to do with doing what is right - and hearing the stories and making change, equal agreements is a fight from birth to death. Waiting for justice is a huge lie! Justin is pushing this off…Read More

Aboriginal Peoples victims of health care bureaucracy,

Marieyvonne's health problems started with a head injury. She was being swung around on the playground by some classmates at the residential school in Chesterfield Inlet when she hit her head. She was sent to Churchill, Man., to get treatment, but she…Read More
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