Low grade health care given to Aboriginal Canada! Causing huge health problems.

Every decision our leaders make, is like an ax coming through the door. We need money for Native Populations and Appropriate Health Care costs or services; our Population didn't stay the same as 60 years ago. Our population has grown but its fragile with the…Read More

Native Peoples and especially Native Women need proper health care too!

Native health benefits for Native Women are Cut Back year by year and the population is growing for Native Canada. When is Justin going to do something for Native Women without going through a multi-billion dollar Inquiry as he freely gives billions away to…Read More

Help Stop Racism Against Native Women Canada!

Justice entanglement from Canada and First Nations Women; "Women's legal status as First nations citizens could be unilaterally and irrevocably stolen by federal legislation that allowed their fathers or husbands to make decisions on their behalf. This…Read More

There is extreme racism in the workplace in Canada, causing serious injury!

Campaign for Martin's Medical Fund. He is the spouse of Kathy who has campaigned for Native Women Human Rights for 12 years, and put untold hours into fundraising events and donated money over his working career. One day at work, he was injured building a…Read More

Native Deaths 100% Preventable - Reconcilation for Health Care!

200,000 Cowichan Native Peoples lost their lives to small pox after 1900. By 1925 there was only 25,000 Cowichan Natives left in the valley, and today the population is 4500. Is that the result of controlled population schemes and systemic genocide? Justin…Read More

Aboriginal Children's Christmas Fund Campaign

​Christmas is coming fast! Aboriginal children experienced some of the worst Canadian Christmases in Canada, because of living under the Indian Act, which enforces a fixed but lower income to families, communities and nations of Canada. Every single year…Read More

Of course our native peoples get sick, they are forced to live in housing conditions like this!

We need your help! Housing is a Crisis Situation for Native Peoples of the North West Coast. Your support, care and donations are needed now! Where is Reconciliation I ask? Immigrant peoples are accommodated and native peoples live in Poverty - forced Poverty…Read More
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