Vote about a certain drug petition.

i have agreed recently and i have given my permission to display a petition talking about a solution for drug problems. If anyone feels that it's not a proper solution, and that you don't agree on it, plz, just write on the proper topic ''no'', and if you…Read More

happy new year to all!

happy new year guys!it's been a great year for our cause.Best wishes for 2009, hopefully we're welcoming a year that is one step closer to a drug free world.

new year's careful

Guys! First of all, i would like to wish u a very merry and warm christhmas!!may Jesus and the spirit of the holidays provide you with joy, love and happiness. Second issue, i would like you to wish you a happy new year 2009, hope you'll find wealth,love,…Read More

stay unite against those working against us

dear members, reaching 6,000 member(even more) is something i have never expected.Although it's a great to watch this group grow larger and larger everytime i visit it,i have to express my deepest rage against those mocking this group,calling it a waste of…Read More
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