If we get enough people to boycott the products tested on animals it will encourage them to change their ways

Hey everyone,
This cause has been started to create awareness of the companies who test on animals and so you also know of those who don't...its crazy how many do! It is also going to promote general animal rights causes.
Help us stop it by not buying their products, dont let your money help them keep hurting animals.
If you know of any others; add to the list, we want to make them lose enough money to make them realise they have to change, maybe even try writing a personal note to the vendours of our concerns!
You can also help by signing the petitions and reading the Bulletins.


Here is a list of companies that DO NOT test on animals: http://www.gan.ca/old/en/lifestyle/shopping/notest.html
Another great site, 'a guide to kind living':

1. Animals are not ours to kill, eat, hurt or abuse

2. No animal should suffer for human enjoyment

3. Boycott products that test on animals, dont fund their hatred