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child labor and soccer balls

Ever wonder where your soccer balls come from?

International Labor Rights Forum and SweatFree Communities are hosting the "Sweatshop Workers Speak Out" speaking tour from April 13-30 in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and DC.

Featuring a Bangladeshi garment worker who sews uniforms and a representative of home based workers in Pakistan who stitch soccer balls for government entities in the United States, the tour aims to build solidarity between U.S. communities and workers that produce for our government. Each tour event will focus on action steps that are relevant for local sweatfree organizing, whether to help ignite a new campaign or bring an active campaign to the next level.

Tentative speaking tour locations & dates:

April 13: Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN
April 14-16: Wisconsin
April 17: Chicago, IL
April 19: Fort Wayne, IN
April 20-24: Michigan
April 26-27: Ohio
April 28-29: Pennsylvania
April 30: Washington, DC

Would you be interested in hosting the speaking tour in your city? If so, email [email protected] to express interest.

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