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Invite your pals!

I completely forgot we had this group running, I think the power of Facebook goes a long way to highlight the work the units do so invite as many of your pals as possible!

It's important to highlight again that the crew of a rescue unit are volunteers, often attending events at their own expense, the unit recieves a donation towards upkeep but the crew do not. If anyone is interested in volunteering on a unit there are many across the whole of the UK, a search of the MSA site or a google search may help. Volunteers begin their unit life as a trainee, attending events aimed at increasing first aid skills and extrication competence, after a minimum term they can undergo assessment to become a fully licensed rescue official.

There is a training event held at Lancaster on the 3rd weekend of January every year, it is very informative and includes a theory day on the saturday and a practical day on the sunday (dress warm!) amyone interested in this type of volunteering should come along and see for themselves, it is always very well attended by units from across the UK.

Thank you for your continued support and get inviting if you think these units are worth their weight in gold (or silver at least)

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