To stop the North American Gray Wolf from ending up in the endangered species list once again.

excerpt taken from "Defenders of Wildlife" society:

"America's wolves need our help!

America's wolves were nearly eradicated in the 20th century. Now, after a remarkable recovery in parts of the country, wolves are once more threatened.

* In Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies… the Bush/Cheney Administration has eliminated vital federal protections for wolves in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies. The move officially opens the door to the shooting, trapping, and killing of up to 1,050 wolves.
* In Alaska… state officials continue to allow airborne gunners to kill hundreds of wolves. Easy targets against the snow, hundreds of wolves have been shot from above or chased to exhaustion and then killed by aerial gunners who land and execute them at point-blank range.
* In the Southwest… misinformation and anti-wolf sentiment runs high, with wolf recovery in Arizona and New Mexico limited to a defined area if the wolves set up territories elsewhere, they are captured and returned."

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1. Oppose the Bush/Cheney administration's elimination of vital federal protection from grey wolves.

2. Support global awareness of the gray wolf as an animal in danger of becoming an endangered species and even extinct.

3. To appreciate the beauty and importance of such animal.