We need volunteers to commit to posting election results here as they come in next year (Feb 2001.) Please raise your hand if you can assist in collecting results at your polling station and nearby polling stations as they are announced. Thank you.

Get Ready to Tweet...

TIP of the Day: Set up a Twitter profile at www.Twitter.com and ask all Uganda based democracy acitivists (rural and urban) -- with a cell phone to go to an Internet Cafe and set up a profile. They may not know how to use it, but ask them anyway. We'll do…Read More


Join if you want to receive frequent updates on FDC news during the 2011 elections http://www.tweetizen.com/users/AnneMugisha/FDC-Uganda

Diasopa = Diaspora!

That word in the announcement I just sent 'DIASOPA'...I hope you guessed it is supposed to read DIASPORA! Thanks for your patience!


Hi people, am hoping that wherever you are, you are in some way, shape or form participating in the election exercise ahead of the Delegates Conference to be held in February. Please see the email herebelow from Headquarters which gives general guidelines…Read More

Arsenal for non-violence organizing

I recommend this arsenal for non-violence action http://www.canvasopedia.org/content/weaponry/ars_conv-prob.htm

So what is Campaign 2011 all about?

Its about coming together ahead of Uganda's 2011 general elections and preparing to grasp any opportunity that comes our way to educate more people about the importance of participating in elections regardless of whom they choose to vote for. The more people…Read More
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