In 2005 aproximately 70,000 horses were transported live into the EU from Eastern Europe! The majority of horses come from Poland or Romania. Around 90% of these end up in Italian Slaughter houses.
Horse from Spain are shipped up to France where they are put into feild's to fatten up!! The more the horse weight's the more money he will get for the meat. This includes all types of horses, even Mares IN foal or a foal at foot. Most of the time they leave the mares till they believe they are nearly due to give birth then send them on a long trip to Italy.
The condition of the lorries are cramped, little water and hay is given through out the very long day's to Italy. But it's the way the men handle the horses! they don't care about anything apart from the money!! You can find more information at www.ilph.org These People are here to protect horses so they can stop all the pain thay are going through.

1. To end the suffering to horses all around the world.

2. To Transport horse in better conditions

3. To reduce the number of horses going to slaughter.