sway to the rhythm

What is Religion? It seems as though everybody tries to knock each others beliefs. You've done it. I've done it. It seems religion, historically, has led to more war than it has peace and togetherness. I know one must fight to protect their beliefs but not if the cause is mere discrimination, something that should not be a factor in the large scheme of things. Religion has rituals and traditions. Religion is faith. Religion is believing whole-heartedly in something, trusting that it will always be there for you. Music turns the evil to love. Music makes the people give hugs to others, we're all equal as one. If you make music your religion, not by joining some online cause group but by really accepting it as a practice we all can partake in, carefree without consequence, you will live a better life. No doubt about it. lol. All music does is make people sing, dance, feel good, laugh, etc.. All you have to lose is unneeded stress.

1. Music is everything.

2. Everything can be music.

3. Harness the power of music.

4. Bond.