Winning the Battle Against Bipolar

Sometimes it feels like raising a child with bipolar disorder will never get easier. Here is a rare opportunity to make things better for so many kids. The Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation is in 2nd place (out of over 300) for a $250,000 grant.…Read More

CABF Causes on Facebook - PLEASE READ!

Hello! I'd just like to thank you, again, for starting a cause in support of the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation. I'd like to ask --- is there anything CABF can do to help you with this? Whether it's materials, ideas, or assistance in administering…Read More


CABF is #1 in the Pepsi Contest to win $250,000 to help our kids! Please vote to keep us on top EVERY DAY in December. Other projects will be working 24/7 to knock us down, we need your votes now more than ever! Winning this grant will transform our ability…Read More

Official Email from CABF - Message from Susan Resko, Executive Director

Finding the Strength to Go On Your donations are more important than ever. Dear Marissel, CABF parents are strong--we have to be. This illness never goes away--there is no cure. That's why I know we can pull together to win the $250,000 grant from Pepsi.…Read More

Forwarding a Message from JBRF - Donate! Help Find A Cure!!! Even $5!!!

Donate $10 or more today! Any contribution helps! Dear Friends of JBRF, Because you are reading this, we know that you are aware of how devastating juvenile bipolar disorder can be to those whose lives it affects. For the past six years, many of you have…Read More

Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

Hi, all! Just dropping by to wish you all a very happy and most of all HEALTHY 2008!!! Whether you, a family member, or someone you care about has bipolar disorder, just know that you are in my prayers every single day of this year and the next! Drop by…Read More

Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day

October 11, 2007 is Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day. Visit for more information. Please help spread the word to educate about this disorder. We can help save lives through early intervention!
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