Aaron ask a donation for his Birthday

Great things are happening for some really great kids. But it's a hard year- people are canceling visits, ending support, and falling short on pledges. They are really hurting. Are you blessed? Help provide for the youth with the support that they need to…Read More

¡Feliz Navidad!

It’s all about you. You need those super-cute red heels. You deserve that new AW skateboard. I need an HDTV bigger than my bed. Of course I do. And it’s about time - after all, it is all about ME. I saw this- “It’s all about you”- in an advertising campaign…Read More

Forgotten Children at Christmas- Read this before hitting Wal-Mart or the Mall

Merry Christmas friends! I just returned to the States a couple of months ago after almost two years in Casa Hogar. I can’t help but notice some things. I was rummaging through a storage closet in my house today, and I came across a few items contributing to…Read More

Open for help

If anyone would like to add info or become an administrator of the cause, just let me know. I dont really have a lot of time to work on it, but would love to have someone add some photos or tesitmonies, thoughts or comments. email me- [email protected]
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