to advance the economic, education, social and political status of African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities; and to develop an intelligent, militant effective youth leadership.

The NAACP believes strongly that future leaders must be developed today, and such development is ongoing in the Youth & College Division, created in 1936. Today there are more than 30,000 young people representing 400 Youth Councils, High School Chapters and College Chapters actively involved in the fight for civil rights. The NAACP has one of the largest organized groups of young people of any secular organization in the country.


* Leadership and Activism Training
* Proactive Political and Community Activism
* Recruitment of new Youth Units
* Maintenance of existing Youth Units
* Public awareness of the necessity of youth involvement
* To be the leaders and trendsetters in the area of youth leadership and civil rights training.

1. Leaders are not born, they are developed.

2. African-American youth have unique problems and deserve to have them addressed with a unique voice.

3. Gun violence is number one killer of African-American males.

4. Young African-American women are the highest growing demographic in new aids cases.

5. Every child has the right to a free, public, quality education.

6. Every eligible American (including ex-felons), have the right to cast a free and unfettered vote and have their vote coiunted.

7. If every American who believed in the NAACP's mission gave one dollar or more until the end of the year, the organization would not be in a financial crisis.