To stop the farming of tigers.

Tigers are not a food nor a play toy for the amusement of man kind, they are graceful, beautiful and very endangered animals which deserve a life, as do all animals. these animals should be treated with the respect they deserve. also they are not a rug to be walked upon, so why are they killed for food or their fur. the truth is vailed on how these tigers are kept. it is the chinese who are wholey responsible for the murder of these beautiful animals for their fur and for food. when the tigers are cubs their teeth are pulled out whilst the cubs are still fully awake and aware of the pain. this must be stopped. BOYCOT CHINA!!!

Most of the tigers that are used in the tiger farms in china breed their own tigers for use in these tiger farms, but some hire poachers to go into the tigers natural habitat and shoot the tigers, this is the main reason why the tiger is so endangered, if people can be taught of other ways to gain money rather than to use parts of tigers for food, fur and medicinal purposes then this will go along way to helping these animals. the sad thing is that over one thousand tigers every day are being killed for their body parts, and the beleifs the chinese hold about the medical purposes of the tiger parts are miss led, the tigers body parts have no medical purpose what so ever. but just teaching the chinese about what is wrong with tiger farming will not help all that much, the people who commit these crimes must be punished by the law of their own country and that of others.

1. tigers should not be farmed for their fur or for anything

2. tigers belong in the wild

3. we need to teach people in china and throughout the world about the plight of the tiger

4. to bring awareness to the world about what happens to tigers in china