Raise money and awareness in support of family friendly charities - over $27000 raised to date! Info at www.hopecalendar.com

12 month photo calendar of which all proceeds are donated to that year's chosen charity.
2012 benefits the Layla Grace Foundation
2011 benefitted the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.
2010 benefited It's My Heart.
2009 benefited Montgomery County Women's Center.
2008 benefitedTexas Children's Hospital based in Houston.

Support the cause by purchasing a calendar or getting involved at www.hopecalendar.com


Photographer and calendar owner - Life's Images Photography.

1. Donations: over $27000 to family friendly charities - thank you!!!

2. Children are beautiful and precious.

3. One person can make a difference... that could be you!

4. People coming together can make a big difference.

5. 100% proceeds from calendars are donated... purchase a calendar to help with the cause and enjoy some pretty darn cute kids each month!